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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 6, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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san francisco police this morning trying to figure out who set fire to the mrs. doubtfire home. arson investigation under way this morning. we'll tell you about the evidence that was found here at this home made popular in the robin williams classic comedy. >> new clues in the case of a missing 16-year-old girl from richmond. we'll tell you what her family is telling us about a cryptic facebook message. >> oakland's new mayor plans to spend her first day on the job with police. the big issues she wants to adjust. >> all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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good morning. we are live in san francisco. there was a fire at the iconic mrs. doubtfire house in san francisco. you can see some of the damage. this is the front door there. coming up in two minutes alex savidge will have more on why police say this may be a deliberate act. very interesting out there. it's tuesday, january 6th i'm pam cook. >> good morning i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather. steve paulson is here. you say it will not be a one size fits all type thing. >> that is correct. >> something for everyone. >> santa cruz, capitola will be very warm. other areas will be okay but just not as warm. it could be a good 15-degree difference. but it will still be okay. everything goes up and over. high pressure 30s and 40s and 50s. the lows have been coming up there. masses getting modified. some of the higher elevations
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you get up around 2,000 feet they are still in the 50s. 30s for many or right at 40. livermore at 40. novato low 40s. napa airport 44. oakland airport 39 degrees. 30s for sebastopol. lake port 39. menlo park so far the only 30 here but it's close for foster city and san mateo. los altos hills though upper 40s. north breeze but not that much. yesterday 66 half-moon bay. look at this offshore pub for most of san francisco. up and over she goes high -- there will be 60s around and also near 70. hazy and mild. cold morning still but not as cold as it has been. near 70 for a few mid 60s. santa cruz 75.
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mr. sal castaneda. once again, steve, i might be wanting to go to santa cruz today. >> with the top down. >> absolutely. i'm ready. actually, i'm going to stay here and do the traffic. for now. >> probably a good idea. >> let's see what we have with the traffic on the bay bridge. yesterday we had a pretty decent day at the bay bridge. by 8:00 it was cleared out and some schools still have this week off but for the most part it has been a normal commute for the bay bridge. expect for that 8:00 hour yesterday. north and southbound interstate 880 looking good past the coliseum and no major problems if you are driving on 580 westbound. all the way out to the mccarthur maze. still police activity closing ramp southbound 280 at 101. the ramp that is closed is southbound 280 on to 280. southbound 280 to 101 is working. but the best bet is to use 101. san francisco police are
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trying to figure out who set fire to the home that was made famous in the robin williams movie mrs. doubt fire. alex savidge is live in the pacific heights neighborhood right now to explain what happened out there. good morning, alex. >> reporter: dave, good morning to you. we don't know what the motive was here. but we know last night arsonists targeted this home. this person set fire to a door mat and there was also another fire that was set by the garage door. those fires were set at 8:00 last nite. the homeowner here smelled the smoke and called up 911. he was able to quickly knock down the fires on his own we understand. and the home only has minor damage. the place is made popular in the 1993 robin williams classic mrs. doubtfire. and after he died many came here to leave flowers and notes on the homes to pay tribute and
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continues to remain a tourist attraction. perhaps feetingly the man who opens the house is a renowned plastic surgeon who works with transgender men and women. we hope to learn more from san francisco police investigators later on this morning. >> all right alex, very interesting. we'll talk to you later this morning. we have new information in a case of a missing teenage fresh richmond. her family has not seen her since new years day. a critic facebook message says someone may be holding her against her will. tara moriarty is joining us. >> reporter: it's early. we have not seen much movement. but you can imagine as participants it's difficult to sleep knowing your child is missing. belinda jay carson or bj as she was known to her friends and family was last seen at 9:30.
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he says his daughter calls him once a day. her cousin says bj called another friend and she and another girl were with three young men. >> bj had been calling her she started calling her the girl told me from her phone log that bj called her at 10:15 and asked her if she wanted to come and hang out with her and the guys. the girl said she did not feel comfortable so she said no. >> reporter: an hour later a friend got a facebook message saying i'm trying to run home. i'm scared. don't reply just tell my dad i've got to go. if you have any information that you think could help police, you are urged to contact them. live from richmond i'm tara moriarty back to you. >> thank you tara. we will stay on the story all
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morning. oakland's new mayor libby schaaf is starting her first full day on the job. the relationship between city leaders and the police department and the public. >> i'm going to be spending my very first day as mayor all of it with our police department. ly be addressing every single lineup starting at 6:00 in the morning until midnight. >> she says she wants to get to know the men and women who's job it is to keep the city safe. and she wants them to know she supports them. >> i'm here today to let libby schaaf and the city council know we don't just want words but we about actions. that we want to have our oakland police force really be educated and trained to not engage in racial profiling. >> while mayor schaaf is attending police roll call directly across the street people who took part in rest
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pro tests will be in court. the group also shut down interstate 80 for hours and this morning they will be arraigned at the wiley manual courthouse in oakland. the group by any means necessary is holding a news conference after the hearing. it's demanding that any charges be dropped immediately. meantime in san jose sam liccardo is due to be officially sworn in today as that city's new mayor. the cardinal officially takes office after an inauguration ceremony at 6:00 tonight at the center for performing arts. four council members were also taking the oath of office at that inaugural ceremony. former san jose mayor chuck reed he is going back to his roots as a lawyer. after eight years of san jose's mayor, he will be joining the san jose law firm of hawkins and carly. he has no plans to run for
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political office again, however, he does plan to stay politically involved in public affairs and pension reform. some teenagers in san francisco are pushing for the city to lower the voting age to 16. according to the examiner, resolution to do just that was approved last night by the city's youth commission. it was written by a member of the commission and has the support of two city supervisors. san francisco voters would eventually have to approve the change aimed at getting teens more involved in city politics. it's not totally unprecedented. the lot where 13-year-old andy lopez was shot and killed has been taken over by the county. a memorial for lopez has been set up in that lot but now the county says it will continue its plan it is to build a neighborhood park. they hope to create a permanent memorial park for lopez but the county's announcement did not
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mention lopez's death. it's not clear if the plan would include a memorial at all. time is 5:09. the city of sonoma telling people take down portable basketball hopes from streets and sidewalks. the mayor says it's a safety issuen. however people who own the portable hoop say it's hard enough to find -- speaking of hoops. the golden state warriors beat the holmes thunder last night. they have won 12 straight hope games. he scored ten. he fen herbed with sister -- the the warriors beat the thunder 117-91. the warriors host the pacers tomorrow night. 5:10 is the time right now.
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a new way to ride. coming up in 20 minutes san francisco's hewn near knees plans to offer -- san francisco's new muni plans. >> a go pro camera found at the bottom of a lake. how it got there and the effort to return it and the priceless memories stored on that camera to its rightful owner. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is doing pretty well here. we'll tell you a little bit more about the morning commute. >> and the weather is doing pretty well. well later on. especially toward the peninsula and south bay and santa cruz area where temperatures will be warm.
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good morning. welcome back. san rafael cracks down on massage parlors imposing an emergency moratorium on new parlors. last night the city council approved a 45 day freeze. it's the latest step in the two- year crack down on massage parlors that are really fronts for prostitution. many that live in san rafael support this ban. however legit mat massage s&l therapists say it -- >> it would have a debt mental problem for myself. >> it bothers me a lot. it takes the profession down hill. >> this moratorium could be extended if the city staff determines they need more time.
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the city of san rafael has already collected $100,000 in fines from massage parlors since this enforcement campaign began. a bay area university will unvail a new film designed to help prevent sexual violence on college campuses. it's already being described as tough to watch. >> i kept sobbing and around the fourth time i just gave up and i went numb. >> that is a clip from can't thread a moving needle. santa claire ram university professor michael wayland directed the film which will be shown to all incoming freshmen this year. rape is not just a woman's issue. >> i think we spent too much time in the past years when we are training women to avoid being raped. rather than training young men
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how not to be rapist. >> starting next week the film will be available at no charge for any college that would like to use it. just imagine losing all your photos from your trip of a lifetime at the bottom of a lake. that is what happened to dan of river side. now he used his go pro camera to record his cross country bucket list trip with his buddies. but in arizona the go pro fell out of his kayak and landed at the bottom of lake powell. six months later a couple from colorado that happens to spend every new years there diving in the lake they found the camera. they did a little searching and they found dan on youtube and facebook. >> i typed in 2014 cross country road trip. when i typed in sioux falls his video was the first one to pop up. >> i go open my page and see the go pro.
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i just commented omg. >> oh yeah. and probably some other things. dan said getting it back gives him pam, hope for humanity. >> wow. >> you know, i always think about things like that. if there was a fire at my house god for bid that is the first thing i'm grabbing. family pictures and stuff. >> i'm pretty paranoid pam and dave. >> i am too. >> i have back ups here and there. off site backups. what if this happens? >> and now there is the cloud. we have the cloud. >> yeah. so this conversation can go forever on that. we will stick to the traffic this time. all of us we're on social media so if you want to continue the conversation give us a shout on
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facebook or twitter. let's take a look at the peak commute. westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the mccarthur maze 17 minutes. no major problems here. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, not quite a delay yet. it's still a good time to jump ahead of the crowd. the traffic continues to look very good. livermore valley westbound 580 looks good but there is slow traffic on the altamont pass. they have police activity southbound 280 at 101. that ramp is is closed to southbound 280. you can still get on to 101. i would use 101 to get out of the city as your basalter gnat- - your best alternate. there is a little breeze for some. christie in san francisco she is really good on twitter. there is a cold wind blowing
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through the inner richmond. for most it's calm. temperatures 30s and 40s to 50 degrees. and high pressure continues to win out. i'm getting the e-mails, steve. please tell me the rain will return. yes, the rain will return. 30s to 40s to 50 degrees. upper 40s for some. there is a little bit of a breeze. not a owling breeze. low 40s here. 55 so there is very warm air aloft. gilroy, morgan hill each day coming up a little bit. 30s and 40s. san jose state at 43. here's your breeze. that is why the napa airport on the warmer side 44. they get a southeast at 12. due north for concord. here you go 16 right through
5:20 am
the inner richmond. it is offshore direction so there is a couple locations. coast san mateo and santa cruz coast. looks very mild to warm. system comes in watch what it does. good luck. it's not doing anything. one. one dave. one is the loneliest number. >> it is a lonely one. >> minus three in minneapolis. and watch how that cold air plunges in and new york city and washington which were in the 40s yesterday now they are dealing with a snow moving through new york and washington. we'll see how the fast moving clipper systems going right through the great lakes. friend of mine yesterday goes 55 today. i know it's coming tomorrow. i know. and he got it. 28 up in tahoe. 37 ukiah. sacramento at 30s as well. it's hazy sunshine. i do not buy this 70s in the north bay. i do not. but i do from santa clara valley. hazy and mild. two very good friends of mine.
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a cold morning. a few 70 for a few. this is low 50s and mid 60s. not a favorable pattern for really warm weather. but it is for the bay. berkeley and oakland and over toward parts of the coast including half-moon bay down to santa cruz. santa cruz at 75. gilroy at 70. san jose at 68 warm degrees. more of the same on wednesday and a few high clouds drift in here. will turn cloudy on friday into saturday. it will be cooler and no rain and back to fair on sunday. >> so you are just splitting up the forecast. >> it will be a 16-degree difference. >> and it's so weird usually we are used to it being warmer inland. it's warm on the coast. >> this time of year. >> okay head to the beach. thank you. once again two new york city police officers have been shot and injured. this time both are expected to survive. coming up in 20 minutes what they were doing when they were
5:22 am
shot last night and the man hunt that surround way right now. >> up next we will tell you about new shuttles on south bay streets. a free ride for google employees but they are not the only ones that will be boarding.
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(vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. strong currents are forcing crews to search the area for the air asia flight that crash
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into the java sea. only 37 of the 162 bodies have be recovered so far and the planes black boxes are still missing. a helicopter helped transport some items from the crash site. crews were unseen unloading what appeared to be seats and other debris from the plane. the plane was on its way from indonesia to singapore when it hit bad weather and crashed more than a week ago. google buses are not just for google employees anymore. google is rolling out a free shuttle service in its hometown. these are all electric buses. they travel in a loop around the city and make stops at more than 20 specific location which is in mountain view every 30 or 60 minutes. >> after two years we will be able to reevaluate things. i think it will be successful in the end. >> last year google buses they were the subject of these protests in san francisco and other cities. google is hoping this is going
5:26 am
to create good will from its neighbors showing yes, it's willing to invest in the community. muni riders will be able to use their smart phones to pay for their fairs. they are lunching a new app to use their debt or credit cards. a folks man for muni says the new app will allow for faster boarding. crude oil prices are inching upward this morning. that is after the price fell more than 5% yesterday. it slipped below the $50 a barrel barrier. which is the lowst it has been in more than 60 years. -- the s & p had its largest single day to climb in three months.
5:27 am
he's accused of looking through people's windows and even taking pictures. the search under way in the south bay for a peeping tom. >> new details of a shooting outside a san francisco police station last weekend. why the police chief is grateful for new information coming out. >> we are still looking at a commute where traffic is doing well. we'll tell you more about this coming.
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good morning. welcome back. ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are live until mountain view. a search is under way for a peeping tom this morning who's been looking in through people's windows and recording people. ktvu janine de la vega is out there. she will have all the details coming up in a couple of minutes. stay tuned for that. tuesday morning, january 6th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. 5:30 is the time. steve says we should all head to the beach. >> coast looks nice today. we to have a mostly clear sky
5:31 am
out there. temperatures for some -- there is not much of a breeze expect for a few. one of those is in san francisco. mostly clear. cool to cold and hazy sun. the skies are hazy. warm near the coast. 30s, 40s, and 50s. 30s and 40s but i remember about a week ago we were in the 20s. help low park in the 30s. los altos hill 47 degrees. there is a cold breeze. it is a northerly breeze for most. not for all. or a north easterly breeze which means this system has no chance whatsoever. it's cold for much of the country but for us it will be a nice day with highs 60s to near 75 in santa cruz. here is sal. steve, good morning.
5:32 am
we are looking at a commute where traffic is doing very well if you are driving in many areas. it's beginning to get a little bit more crowded approaching the bay bridge. right now westbound traffic looks good on the upper deck but you will see a little bit of a backup here at the toll plaza. also looking at a live picture or actually of a picture of my maps saying all lanes are now open in san francisco. 280 at 101. there had been some police activity that went on for several hours over night. but those lanes have been reopened. you can use 280 or 101 to get out with little or no trouble. northbound 280 traffic looks good. police are warning people to be on the lookout for a peeping tom. janine de la vega is joining us from mountain view where we understand this man is actually recorded people. janine. >> reporter: yes.
5:33 am
we are here on california street. there is a lot of apartment complexes here along the street. but the particular one so far where this peeping tom is operating is called the sharon apartments. this is where he was spying on people. mountain view police say on two separate occasion the man looked through windows at the apartment complex and recorded people inside. the first incident happened in late october on a wednesday evening. but the peeper struck again on new years eve. this time in the early morning. so far his actions has not escalated. at this point they only have vague description. he is between 20-30 years old with a medium build wearing a dark hat and jacket. they are looking for knifings or perhaps there has been been
5:34 am
more thank you for that update. time is 5:33. more information being released about a shooting outside of a police station in san francisco's mission district over the weekend. brian flores is in our newsroom. you have details of a note that was left behind. >> reporter: police are releasing the contents of an apparent suicide note. part of the note reads here dear officers you did nothing wrong you ended the life of a man that was too much of a coward to do it himself. i provoked you. i threatened your life as well as the life of those around me. hoffman's father gave police permission to release that note. on sunday night hoff map was blocking their control car from leaving -- patrol car from
5:35 am
leaving the station. when they ordered him to raise his hands he -- the gun he had turned out to be bb and pellet give up. yesterdayless showed us how similar. >> when you come across a situation when one of the weapons are displayed, you literally have a fraction of a second to determine whether or not it's real. >> reporter: police chief greg suhr is holding a town hall meeting tonight at corner stone church to discuss sunday's shooting. in the meantime police in indianapolis and chicago are warning people that are peaking real funs leukemic --
5:36 am
investigators say possession of a bb gun or pellet gun is is a misdemeanor in san francisco. as for the officers they on paid leave which is standard procedure. the incident continues to be investigated by the departments homicide detail, internal affairs, and district attorneys office and the office of citizen complaints. man hunt is under way for a man in new york who shot two police officers. a 30-year-old officer was shot in the arm and lower back. another -- responding to a call about a grocery store robbery. when they arrived they saw two men going into a nearby restaurant. that is when one of the men started shooting. at a news conference later they praised those police officers saying they went above and
5:37 am
beyond the all of -- and upon hearing this call they went back out in search of these criminals. >> the man stole a and and -- traffic to from governor brown will preside over a ground breaking ceremony. once completed the system will connect san francisco and los angeles with trains capable of speeds of more than 200 miles an hour. making the trip in less than three hours. the first stretch of track is to be built will be a 29-mile segment between fresno and mater row. the ground breaking ceremonies
5:38 am
in -- in his state of the state speech following the inauguration, the governor talked about his pleasurements and the prior -- accomplishments and the priorities through 2015. the governor says he wants california to get 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. he also wants to cut the use of gas seen in the sate by half and spend $60 billion to fix california's roads. congress gets back to work today. this time with republicans in charge of both the house and the senate for the first time in eight years. however the republican take over won't come without some drama within the gop. some tea party republicans are demanding a new house speaker.
5:39 am
replacing john boehner. the lout boehner supporters says his. >> whereas there was a serious, serious challenge. this is a -- about the roberts the republicans are not wasting any time. they are moving toward ave show down. in just a couple of hours president obama will host mexican president enrique pena at the white house. last month the white house announced the move to reestablish democratic and commercial ties with cuba. the two men are also expected to talk about president obama's plan to protect four million immigrants in the u.s.
5:40 am
illegally from being deported. two-thirds of those immigrants are from mexico. it's a plan that president pena has publicly praised. in the meantime, the mexican president is under a lot of pressure at home because of drug violence and mounting police corruption charges. space x called off its rocket launch today. the announcement came just one minute. at this point it's unclear why the launch was aborted. for the first time space x is trying to get its rocket to land on a tiny platform floating in the atlantic's when it comes back to earth. the next attempt is set for friday. >> it was close. coming into the final seconds. will is a move to change the voting age in one bay area city. the push to allow 15-year-olds
5:41 am
cast ballots in san francisco. >> allegations of discrimination. the new trouble spacing the san francisco 49ers. >> we are doing very well here approaching the mccarthur maze. >> well not much going on in the big picture but there is a pretty good little breeze coming out of the east bay hills and parts of san francisco to pacifica. we'll talk about that and a warm pattern for the coast today.
5:42 am
5:43 am
prepare candle stick park for demolition. the debate on how to bring down the stadium that has just started. workers have been taking out
5:44 am
seats and hazardous materials. the developer lanar has applied for permits that could allow it to tear down or implode the stadium. the implosion option that is opposed bay lot of people that live near candle stick but at this meeting last night developers said it would be a lot quicker and less expensive to implode it than tear it apart. >> i wouldn't go for the implosion. the implosion might harm everyone who is around here. >> now the decision on whether to allow lanar to implode candle stick will be made by the city. lanar is hoping to have a decision by late february or early march. the developer says it will work with the neighbors on these issues like temporary relocation and evacuation and cleanup. the developer says they have big plans about what will replace candle stick.
5:45 am
lanar says it will have a mixed use. the developer also promises to build an entertainment venue that can seat 2,000 to 3,000 people. two former employees of the san francisco 49ers are suing the team for age discrimination. the lawsuit was filed by 56- year-old anthony lazano they and other older employees were fired in 2011. they claim that ceo jed york openingly admitted he wants to hire younger workers from silicon valley so he could brand the team as the technology startup of the nfl. they violated federal workers. police have arrested a man that attacked a transgender couple with a knife on a san francisco muni bus.
5:46 am
the couple was riding the bus when the man threatened them with a steak knife. the couple got off the bus but the man chased after them and stabbed one of them in the chest. they ran to a nearby mcdonalds and called for help. paramedics took the woman to the hospital where she was treated for her injury. police found and arrested the man. investigators say this this does not appear to fit the legal definition of a hate crime. jury selections for the boston marathon bombing trial. they have been filling out long questionnaires that will used to eliminate people with potential conflicts including those who oppose the death penalty. three people died in that 2013 attack at the finish line of the boston marathon and more than 260 people were hurt including a young boy from martinez. >> the government has a signed
5:47 am
confession. the constitution rares that the government prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt. >> jury selection is expected to wrap up tomorrow. the trial is scheduled to begin january 26th. samsung is focusing on the growing business of smart poem oklahomas and smart cars. by 2017 every tv set will sell itself will be web connected. they are investing $100 million to speed up development of its internet connected products and promises every product its sales will be web connected by end of 2019. the technology could allow facebook users to speak their
5:48 am
posts or messages and have them converted to texts. facebook is not saying how much that deal is worth. nearly everyone remembers budweisers ad from last super bowl. puppy love. i love that commercial. get ready for nearly a month to talk about this years super bowl commercial. this year danica patrick and another puppy will star in an ad for go daddy. scuttles making its super bowl debut. and doritos asking people to vote for their favorite consumer made ads that they will show on february 1st. by the way this year's 30 second ad costs as much as $4.5 million. >> wow. >> ha is quite a bit. >> you know you can't have the dog. you can't have the horse either. >> i don't want the horse. i just want the puppy. >> are you back in the groove after being on vacation? >> you are very right. it takes a little bit. >> it takes a little bit. >> just a bit to get back in that groove. i think i found it. we are doing well.
5:49 am
we don't have too much to talk about. let's take a look at what we have with the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights have been switched on and there is a crowd there. it's not like it was for the last two weeks where we've had live commutes. traffic is building up here. about a 15-20 minute delay or 15-20 minute drive time getting across into san francisco. also the morning commute looks pretty good on the san mateo bridge heading out west to san mateo and foster city. heading south as most people are driving toward palo alto. as you look at the south bay traffic looks good. at 5:49 today's weather seems kind of nice in the afternoon. we do have interesting
5:50 am
pattern here. there is nothing going on. well, there is. there is a rather decent breeze for some. especially east bay hills, higher elevations of marin county and parts of san francisco over to pacifica. it's a cold wind. for others there is a little bit of patchy fog. santa rosa says that. some haze out around concord and livermore which might translate into some fog. after everything is said and done it will be a hazy and mild and warm day. that offshore breeze will make it really nice on parts of the coast. especially down around santa cruz and san mateo coast. there will be some 70s here. we have 30s, 40s to 50s. 45sfo. oakland airport 39. the only reason napa airport is 44 because they get a decent little breeze there. orinda that is just these observations. you may steve, my backyard is five degrees colder. i get it. 35 alamo. a couple locations are running
5:51 am
very mild to warm. up above los gatos. northeast at fairfield at 9. concord due north at 8 so there won't be any fog there. and a south wind at nova to. so it's all over the place. the strongest gust is san francisco to pacifica. high pressure is over us. there is lower pressure to the west. so it feels it with that offshore breeze. it's more of an easterly breeze. very cold for most of the country. windchill warnings have been issued for minnesota tonight. it will only be 35 below tonight. that cuts right through you. the pattern here is very similar to what we had last january. i realize why a lot of you are nervous felllies. we won't see any of this rain coming back. but it's bringing a cold snow
5:52 am
to washington and new york and the great lakes. 20s for many. but 30s and 40s to 50s. 58-54 l.a. and san diego. this is not it's a sunny hazy pattern but it's not a warm one for the north bay or east bay. it is for parts of the bay. and then get peninsula, south bay and santa cruz. 68 in san jose. 67 fremont. half-moon bay 68. hazy warm will take us into wednesday. a little cooler with a lot of clouds filtering in here friday into saturday. >> we will take it. 5:52 is the time right now. it is being called tough to watch. the new film created right here in the bay area aimed at preventing sexual violence on
5:53 am
college campuses. >> plus it's a machine that took marty mcfly to the future. how you can rent the so-called time machine.
5:54 am
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did you see that? caught on camera a landslide damaging a house in a small town in western washington. this is the fourth house on
5:56 am
this same street hit by the landslide. a young man and his friends were in that house just minutes before. >> i told them you need to pack your things fast if you are leaving. because i could hear the cliff moving. you could see it moving. >> this gentlemen saved me, took me down the street. >> as many as 300 people are trapped on a hill top. one of them is a city employee with a building department. he is out there rallying neighbors, keeping them out of homes in danger of falling. while the crews work on carving a new way down the hill. back here in the bay area crews will start shoring up an active landslide there. the work will take place on skyline boulevard. . only one lane of traffic will be open. this work is expected to continue over the next ten
5:57 am
days. anyone who is a fan of back to the future movies, you might want to head to california second coast. a time machine made from a real kellior january sports car is used to travel ahead. i didn't remember this. but they traveled ahead to 2015. now here we are. a replica of the time machine is available for rent. money raise willed go to the michael jay fox foundation for parkinson's research. michael jay fox starred as marty mcfly in the back to the future movies. those are classics. >> it is still fun to watch. >> i don't think my kids have seen them so i think i need to bring them out. there is an arson investigation in san francisco at the house made famous in the mrs. doubt fire movie. the damage that was done someone set fire to a door mat and garage door. >> the search for a richmond teenager missing since new years day. the reason her family thinks someone can be holding her
5:58 am
against her will.
5:59 am
[ technical difficulties ] oakland's newest mayor sworn into office. the big plan she has today her first day on the job. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues.
6:00 am
good morning. we are live in san francisco. a lot of people talking about this. police are investigating an arson at the home made famous in the mrs. doubtfire movie. fans of robin williams were heading there to the house and leaving tributes to the late actor. coming up in two minutes alex savidge is out there this morning, he will have more on this investigation and show


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